«Welcome Home Mate» by roanna hinks

«Welcome Home Mate» by roanna hinksAuthor: roanna hinks

Year: 2023

Chapters: 101

Genre: Romance


Synopsis of the book «Welcome Home Mate» by roanna hinks

“Welcome Home Mate” by Roanna Hinks is a tantalizing and exciting romance novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The story revolves around Roxie, who returns home after six years to meet her brother’s mate, only to discover that her own mate is Alpha Alexander, her brother’s best friend and the person who sent her away and broke her heart.

As Roxie tries to come to terms with the fact that her mate is the same person who hurt her, Alpha Alexander can’t wait to have his mate back in his life. However, things get complicated when Roxie finds out the reason why he sent her away, and she struggles to forgive him.

“Welcome Home Mate” is a heartwarming and gripping read that will leave readers wanting more. The book is available to download in pdf, epub, or mobi format, and readers can also read the full novel for free. Share your opinions and reviews on the book and experience the thrilling world of mates and werewolves. Don’t miss out on the chance to read this captivating story of love, forgiveness, and second chances.

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