«Tress of the Emerald Sea» by Brandon Sanderson

«Tress of the Emerald Sea» by Brandon SandersonAuthor: Brandon Sanderson

Year: 2023

Print length: 483

Genre: Adventure

Synopsis of the book «Tress of the Emerald Sea» by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson, the #1 New York Times bestselling author, takes readers on an epic journey with his latest standalone novel, Tress of the Emerald Sea. Set in the same Cosmere universe as The Stormlight Archive and Mistborn, this adventure-filled tale follows Tress, a young woman living a simple life on an island in the middle of an emerald-green ocean. But when tragedy strikes and she must leave her home, Tress sets out on a perilous journey to find the Sorceress of the deadly Midnight Sea. Along the way, she faces treacherous pirates and learns to navigate the treacherous waters of the spore oceans. Will Tress be able to overcome the dangers of the sea and find her own place in the world? Sanderson’s masterful storytelling and richly imagined world-building make Tress of the Emerald Sea a must-read for anyone who loved The Princess Bride.

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