«To Be Yours Again» by Taylor

«To Be Yours Again» by Taylor Author: Taylor

Year: 2023

Chapter: 1080

Genre: Romance


Synopsis of the book «To Be Yours Again» by Taylor

Jenny Walter had only ever seen her husband, Alec Faust, once in the two years they’ve been married, and that was on TV.Now, they were divorced. What she doesn’t expect is for her ex-husband to keep showing up in her life starting from the second day of her new-found freedom. First, she has to save his lover, and now he wants to pursue her?“Alec Faust, do you know who I am?” Jenny asks him.“You’re the world-renowned Dr. Walter, the last mentee of Mr. Birkett, the top hacker J, and the founder of an haute couture fashion brand. Do you mean you have another trick up your sleeve? Please do share.”Alec was confident that he knew everything there was to know about Jenny Walter.“Actually…” Jenny starts as she approaches him, whispering straight into his ear, “I’m also your ex-wife.”

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