«The Silent Alpha» by StephanieLight

«The Silent Alpha» by StephanieLightAuthor: StephanieLight

Year: 2023

Chapters: 96

Genre: Fantasy


Synopsis of the book «The Silent Alpha» by StephanieLight

StephanieLight’s “The Silent Alpha” is a heart-wrenching and emotional romance novel that follows the story of two broken souls, Natalia and Zane. Natalia was once the beloved human Luna of the Silver Crest Pack, until she finds out that her Alpha mate is cheating on her with her own sister on the same day she discovers she’s pregnant.

On the other hand, Zane, an Alpha with a debilitating stutter, is cast out as a rogue by his father, the brutal Alpha of the Scarlet Haven Pack, after being abused and neglected for years.

By chance, Natalia and Zane cross paths and discover a connection between them that could heal their brokenness. However, their pasts come back to haunt them, and they must navigate through the challenges to find their way to a happy ending.

“The Silent Alpha” is a gripping and emotional story of love, forgiveness, and second chances. Readers can download the book in pdf, epub, or mobi format, or read the full novel for free. Share your opinions and reviews on the book and experience the thrilling world of werewolves and mates. Don’t miss out on this captivating and heart-warming tale.

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