«The Playboy Superstar Versus The CEO» by LiLhyz

«The Playboy Superstar Versus The CEO» by LiLhyzAuthor: LiLhyz

Year: 2023

Chapter: 134

Genre: Romance


Synopsis of the book «The Playboy Superstar Versus The CEO» by LiLhyz

Joan Belle has been in love with Christopher Hale since they were teens. He is the CEO of Hale Industries, her friend, and her next-door neighbor. She dreamed one day, he would look her way. She made herself to be an admirable woman; a model on the side and a businesswoman, creating her own clothing line at a young age. However, despite her success, Christopher Hale never once asked her on a date. Countless times, she tried to catch his attention, but she failed miserably. Just when she thought she had lost all hope, Cole Adams, Christopher’s best friend, an athlete, and a superstar model offered his cupid services. “Joan, if you want to win Christopher over, you have to show more. You are a model, but on normal days, you dress like a nun!” With his chiseled face and athletic frame, walking closer to Joan, he added, “Men are simple. , simple.” Along the way, Joan found out that someone secretly loved her. Who will she choose?

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