«The Defiant Mate» by jennifer francis

«The Defiant Mate» by jennifer francisAuthor: jennifer francis

Year: 2023

Chapters: 42

Genre: Fantasy


Synopsis of the book «The Defiant Mate» by jennifer francis

Discover the enthralling story of Jay-la, a determined werewolf, in “The Defiant Mate” by Jennifer Francis. Banished by her lover and future Alpha, Nathan, Jay-la must navigate life on her own, keeping a secret that no one knows about.

Download “The Defiant Mate” by Jennifer Francis in pdf, epub, or mobi, and follow Jay-la’s journey as she returns to university to finish her law degree and build a life away from her pack. As a divorce lawyer in the human world, she does her best to protect her hidden secret from those who would harm her.

Read the full novel “The Defiant Mate” by Jennifer Francis for free, and watch as Jay-la’s past comes back to haunt her when she receives an official letter from Alpha Nathan, ordering her to return to the pack. Stubbornly defiant, she burns the letter and refuses to go back.

Find “The Defiant Mate” by Jennifer Francis on Google Drive, and explore the reviews, opinions, and full chapters of this captivating story. As Nathan becomes increasingly determined to bring her back, Jay-la must fight to stay in the human world, away from him and his Luna.

With tensions rising, will Jay-la be able to protect her secret and maintain her independence, or will the Alpha’s persistence force her back to the pack and the life she desperately wants to leave behind?

Dive into the gripping tale of love, defiance, and hidden truths in “The Defiant Mate” by Jennifer Francis, and uncover the fate of a woman who will stop at nothing to protect her secret and her future.

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