«The Billionaire’s Sweet Trouble» by sweetdreamer33

«The Billionaire's Sweet Trouble» by sweetdreamer33Author: sweetdreamer33

Year: 2023

Chapter: 34

Genre: Romance


Synopsis of the book «The Billionaire’s Sweet Trouble» by sweetdreamer33

A Sexy Revenge Romance.

Sinfully handsome Greek billionaire. Sebastian Stavrakos, looks cool, calm and confident, but deep inside, he has an extreme hunger for REVENGE.

His Target, Miss Sweet Treble.

Meet Sweet Treble. A farmer’s daughter living in a small town of New York State. She became sensational all throughout America because of her blogs that empowers women. Her first novel “First Class Ladies,” became an instant bestseller. She is too nice and sweet, just like her name. Everyone loves her, except for one man… Sebastian Stavrakos.

“Your name should be Sweet Trouble. It suits you better,” Sebastian glared at Sweet.

“You’re still the worst kind of man that every woman should avoid,” Sweet countered at him.

Sebastian offered an enticing proposition that Sweet could not ignore.

Bound by their agreement, Sweet plays a dangerous game inside the powerful man’s den.

Join us in Sebastian Stavrakos and Sweet Treble’s journey in finding true love.

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