«Retrospective» by Juan Gabriel Vásquez

«Retrospective» by Juan Gabriel VásquezAuthor: Juan Gabriel Vásquez

Year: 2023

Número de páginas: 448

Genre: Young Adult


Synopsis of the book «Retrospective» by Juan Gabriel Vásquez

Immerse yourself in the enthralling novel “Retrospective” by Juan Gabriel Vásquez, an epic yet intimate tale of a Colombian man, Sergio Cabrera, whose life becomes entwined with global historical and ideological revolutions.

In the midst of personal turmoil, Colombian film director Sergio Cabrera finds himself in Barcelona for a retrospective of his work. As he faces the recent loss of his father, a failing marriage, and his home country’s rejection of peace agreements, Sergio reflects on the extraordinary events that have shaped his family’s lives, including those of his father, his sister Marianella, and himself.

Sergio and Marianella were once privileged, artistic children of famous actors in Colombia. But their lives took a dramatic turn when their parents, disillusioned with their bourgeois existence, moved the family to China during Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Embracing the revolution, the family joined the Red Guard and trained as guerilla fighters. Their return to Colombia led them into the heart of the country’s own guerrilla movement, where they faced danger and near-death experiences.

Through these tumultuous times, Sergio ultimately found a new path as a celebrated film director. “Retrospective” takes the reader on a gripping journey through pivotal historical moments, from the Spanish Civil War and the family’s exile to Latin America to the Cultural Revolution in China and the guerrilla movements in 1960s Colombia.

Discover the powerful story of a man and his family, based on real-life events, as they navigate the forces that have shaped their lives and turned the world upside down. Delve into this mesmerizing family saga and epic historical novel, and uncover the truth behind the remarkable experiences that have defined their existence. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the captivating world of “Retrospective” by Juan Gabriel Vásquez.

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