«Remembering Rose» by jesswesleybooks

«Remembering Rose» by jesswesleybooksAuthor: jesswesleybooks

Year: 2023

Chapter: 31

Genre: Young Adult


Synopsis of the book «Remembering Rose» by jesswesleybooks

When Jackson returns to Dogwood, a small town in the Canadian Rockies, to find a wife, not everyone is happy to see him, including Rose, who was Jackson’s first love and who has never forgiven him for leaving.


When airline magnate Jonah McBride tells his playboy sons to find suitable wives or risk losing their stake in the family business, the three McBride boys–including youngest brother Jackson–descend on their boyhood home in the Canadian Rockies, looking for women to marry. However, Jackson doesn’t count on his feelings for Rose, the girl he disappeared on at sixteen, and she’s not exactly sweet on his return.

Rose Whitfield is the new mayor of Dogwood. Afraid of turning out like her thrice-divorced mother, she has no desire to marry. However, when Jackson McBride returns to town after more than a decade, his presence stirs long suppressed memories of their teenage romance–and an undeniable present day attraction. Unfortunately, Rose isn’t the only one in Dogwood troubled by the McBride boys’ return.

For fans of small towns and second chances. Welcome to Dogwood, where hearts and fortunes are won.

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