«Rejecting Her Twin Alphas» by AzraelMeow

«Rejecting Her Twin Alphas» by AzraelMeowAuthor: AzraelMeow

Year: 2023


Genre: Romance


Synopsis of the book «Rejecting Her Twin Alphas» by AzraelMeow

Rejecting Her Twin Alphas Novel – Amber Payne is the daughter of the Gamma of the Shadow Winds Pack. When she was thirteen Amber watched her mother get killed by rogues and since then she has worked hard to become a fierce warrior in the pack. Amber wants to join her Alpha uncle’s elite warriors and doesn’t want a mate to get in the way of that so she represses her mating urges.

Amber is horrified when her plans are changed during her cousin’s alpha ceremony she meets not only one mate but two, the twin alphas of Nightstar Pack, a large elite pack to the north. Skylar and Tyler Brooks are on the verge of becoming the alphas of the Nightstar Pack. Nightstar is a large, elite pack that almost serves as a royal pack.

The twins have the beta’s daughter to be their Luna and don’t want a fated mate. The twins are annoyed when they go to an allied pack and find their fated mate. Convinced by their father the twins force Amber back to Nightstar and only want her for the mate bond while keeping Savannah as their Luna.

Amber wants little to do with the twins and searches for a way to reject her mates. Tyler is the less dominant twin and wants Amber as his mate and not their chosen mate but the twins can only have one mate. Will Amber be able to reject the twins and return to her home or will Tyler convince his brother to choose their true mate?

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