«Practice Makes Perfect» by Sarah Adams

«Practice Makes Perfect» by Sarah AdamsAuthor: Sarah Adams

Year: 2023

Número de páginas: 338

Genre: Romance


Synopsis of the book «Practice Makes Perfect» by Sarah Adams

Dive into the heartwarming and delightful story of “Practice Makes Perfect” by Sarah Adams, where a charming flower shop owner, Annie Walker, embarks on a journey to transform herself into the captivating leading lady of her own love story. But will this quest lead her to the perfect match, or will she discover that true love has been hiding in plain sight?

Annie Walker is content with her quiet life in Rome, Kentucky, but when she overhears her date calling her “unbelievably boring,” she realizes it’s time for a change. Inspired by her favorite romance movies, she seeks a tutor to teach her the art of flirtation and fun, and who better to turn to than the irresistible and flirtatious bodyguard, Will Griffin.

Will, with his dashing tattoos and undeniable charm, is back in town providing security for an upcoming high-profile wedding. He plans to avoid Annie at all costs, but her request for help proves impossible to resist. Despite his own disbelief in love, Will agrees to transform Annie into Rome’s leading lady, and together, they embark on a series of practice dates and lessons in passion.

As they navigate their way through their pretend relationship and the watchful eyes of their small town, the lines between friendship and something more begin to blur. Will Annie find her perfect match, or will she realize that love has been right in front of her all along?

Step into the enchanting world of “Practice Makes Perfect” and join Annie and Will on their captivating journey of self-discovery, friendship, and love. Unravel the mysteries of the heart, and find out if practice really does make perfect when it comes to finding true love. This charming and witty novel will keep you hooked from beginning to end, as you uncover the unexpected twists and turns of Annie’s romantic adventure.

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