«My Mother’s Boss (BoyxBoy)» by Thebloodygrimmreaper

«My Mother's Boss (BoyxBoy)» by ThebloodygrimmreaperAuthor: Thebloodygrimmreaper

Year: 2023

Chapter: 34

Genre: Romance


Synopsis of the book «My Mother’s Boss (BoyxBoy)» by Thebloodygrimmreaper

It started with an assignement for school.
Shadow a parent for a month.
Sounds easy right?

Levy Newark just wanted the month to be over when the assignment started. He wasn’t fond of the idea to shadow his mom at a clothing design company. Until he met the CEO Jeremiah Cole.
He felt an instant connection to his mother’s boss but knew there would be no future with that man, or he thought.
Then Ian Kelly comes along, making Levy even more confused than he already was before.
Is there any way Levy will figure out his feelings for the men without hurting either of them? Or himself.

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