«Mates» by Cowgirl9454

«Mates» by Cowgirl9454Author: Cowgirl9454

Year: 2023

Chapters: 31

Genre: Fantasy


Synopsis of the book «Mates» by Cowgirl9454

Uncover a tale of love, loss, and self-discovery in “Mates” by Cowgirl9454. Seventeen-year-old Jade is forced to start anew after the death of her mother, an abusive father, and a secret she’s yet to learn: she’s a werewolf. As if that wasn’t enough, her mate is the future king of all werewolves, and they’re about to meet at her new school.

Download “Mates” by Cowgirl9454 in pdf, epub, or mobi format and follow Jade’s journey as she’s sent to live with her Aunt Rebekah in Oregon. Surrounded by a supportive family and trying to navigate a new school, Jade longs for her grandmother’s home in New Orleans, where she could forget everything and everyone – especially him.

Read the full novel “Mates” by Cowgirl9454 for free and explore the trials and tribulations Jade faces as she comes to terms with her true identity and her place in the world. Access the story on your Google Drive and immerse yourself in a world where love, fate, and werewolf royalty collide.

Find reviews and opinions from readers captivated by the thrilling twists and turns in “Mates” by Cowgirl9454. Delve into the full chapters and join Jade as she learns to embrace her destiny while juggling the challenges of her newfound life and her connection to the future king of werewolves.

If you enjoy stories of love, personal growth, and the supernatural, “Mates” by Cowgirl9454 is a must-read. Follow Jade’s extraordinary journey as she uncovers the truth about her heritage and discovers a love that transcends the ordinary.

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