«HER GRACE… (king of Alphas)» by Cassydoll

«HER GRACE... (king of Alphas)» by CassydollAuthor: Cassydoll

Year: 2023

Chapters: 116

Genre: Fantasy


Synopsis of the book «HER GRACE… (king of Alphas)» by Cassydoll

HER GRACE… (king of Alphas)” by Cassydoll tells the captivating story of Allison, a pack runt without a wolf, who is traded as part of a peace treaty to the powerful Alpha of the Black Blood Pack. With her hope of finding a mate dwindling, Allison faces a challenging new life.

Download “HER GRACE… (king of Alphas)” by Cassydoll in pdf, epub, or mobi format and join Allison as fate plays a cruel trick on her. Unexpectedly, her new Alpha is her mate, but he refuses to accept or acknowledge her as his Luna. A series of mistakes, pain, and regrets drive Allison back into the wilderness.

Read the full novel “HER GRACE… (king of Alphas)” by Cassydoll for free and follow Allison’s struggle to survive without a pack or family, accompanied only by her best friend Jared. Will she be able to stand on her own, or will her mate return for her?

Access “HER GRACE… (king of Alphas)” by Cassydoll on Google Drive and explore reviews and opinions on this gripping tale. Immerse yourself in the full chapters and witness Allison’s journey as she navigates a world where she must defend herself and adapt to her new reality.

Delve into the emotional and thrilling story of “HER GRACE… (king of Alphas)” by Cassydoll, where Allison’s strength and resilience are put to the test. Experience the adventure, heartache, and hope in this unforgettable tale of love, fate, and survival.

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