«Alpha Isaac» by Asmayi

«Alpha Isaac» by AsmayiAuthor: Asmayi

Year: 2023

Chapters: 68

Genre: Romance


Synopsis of the book «Alpha Isaac» by Asmayi

Discover the enthralling story of Kathryn Black and Alpha Isaac Renaud in “Alpha Isaac” by Asmayi, the first book in The Beast’s Bride series. Kathryn, a rare white wolf, is deemed bad luck and married off to the enigmatic and reclusive Alpha Isaac, who has remained hidden from the public eye for two years.

Download “Alpha Isaac” by Asmayi in pdf, epub, or mobi and join Kathryn as she faces the challenges of becoming a Luna in name only. As she adapts to life within her new pack, can she resist the pull of her heart and uncover the secrets that surround her mysterious mate?

Read the full novel “Alpha Isaac” by Asmayi for free and explore the turmoil that plagues Isaac’s life. When Kathryn’s arrival reveals their fated connection, can they navigate the emotional storm that threatens to consume them both?

Find “Alpha Isaac” by Asmayi on Google Drive and immerse yourself in the reviews, opinions, and full chapters of this captivating tale. Delve into a world of hidden truths, forbidden love, and the extraordinary power of the True Mate bond.

Embark on a journey filled with passion, heartache, and the unbreakable strength of the human spirit in “Alpha Isaac” by Asmayi. This gripping story will leave you captivated and eager to uncover the secrets that bind Kathryn and Isaac together in a bond that transcends time and space.

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